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ConAir Cooling & Electrical - Fully qualified to install split systems & Electrical works

In Victoria, split system installers are required to meet specific qualifications. Without the following licences, the warranty may be invalid and your home and content insurance may be voided.

Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC License) 
In order to install a split system air conditioner, your contractor must have a Victorian Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC) license. This license enables your contractor to issue a Certificate of Compliance, which states that they have complied with plumbing legislation in Victoria.

This Certificate of Plumbing Compliance is required for insurance and warranty purposes. 
(ConAir Coolings Plumbing License is 109718)

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA) 
Refrigerant is the substance that provides heat exchange in an air conditioner, it’s like the blood of an air conditioner. Due to it's potential ozone depleting properties, refrigerants are a highly restricted substance in Australia.

When installing split systems, extra refrigerant is required so the unit can operate at maximum efficiency. Without it, the system will be undercharged. Undercharged split systems can’t perform to maximum efficiency, won’t achieve the desired temperature, will fail prematurely and void manufacturer warranties.

Also, if there is a refrigeration leak, and your installer does not have an RTA, then you may be forced to hire someone with an RTA to come to your house and charge the system with more refrigerant (as your original installer is not licensed to purchase the refrigerant).

Refrigerant Handling License (RHL) 
Refrigerant has a high ozone depleting potential and is a restricted substance in Australia. Installing a split system air conditioner without a Refrigerant Handling License (RHL) is illegal.

Please make sure your installer has a RHL. (ConAir Coolings Refrigerant Handling License is L106353)

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) Electrician's Licence. 
In order to work with any electrical systems in Victoria, a worker must be a licensed electrician.

A Certificate of Electrical Safety is required for warranty and insurance purposes. 
(ConAir Coolings "A" Class is A43216)

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) Registered Electrical Contractor. 
In order to undertake any electrical contracting work in Victoria, a worker must be a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC). This means that the REC will issue a Certificate of Electrical Safety upon completion of the electrical work when installing an air conditioner.

A Certificate of Electrical Safety is required for warranty and insurance purposes. 
(ConAir Coolings REC is 19515)


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